OConnor – Ultimate 2560 commercial

OConnor is the brand behind high end Tripods and heads. Almost every Hollywood blockbuster was shot on those heads.Therefore I wanted to create an epic theme style video with slow movements to really show the beauty of the heads. I also didn’t used any slider or stuff like that, because we are showing a head, and non of the fancy camera support stuff. I spend a lot of time in lighting the scene, as I wanted to have is dark but I don’t wanted to hide anything from the head itself. In final I have about 20 lights in that scene, a lot of tiny one which highlight small parts of the head. I combined the shots with some plexus overlays for some reasons. A) I needed to have something so create a two colored image, if I had just the head footage, the whole video would be flashing enough to create attention b) The IBC theme of Vitec Videocom was made out of a polygon style, and I wanted to implement this graphic element in the video c) It look fucking awesome :)

The shoot took me about half a day and the compositing and ending about 3 more days. I’ve shot the video in a FS7 with CP.2 and used Litepanels for the lightning. For sure shot on a OConnor 1030Ds!

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