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My name is Alex

Art Director specialising in brand and marketing creative for B2C and B2B, with a particular focus in growth strategies for D2C and digital-first ventures.

Able to direct and execute the creative process for all media platforms – digital, video, print, events, and experiential, with a special emphasis on video and motion graphics. Work cross-functionally with internal stakeholders to build fully-optimised creative solutions – including growth marketing, performance marketing, and other customised marketing tools.

Born 1989 and grown up in south-west Germany, moved to Munich for study and moved again up north for love. Living in a small town north-west in Germany with my wife any my two kids, where I still get asked on a daily basis what I do for living. Since over 6 years I work remotely, which has it’s pro and cons, not only for me, also for the company or client I work for. During my time at Vitec Production Solutions I was lucky to travel around the world and to see places like Iceland, Madagascar and many parts of the United States. Due to the fact that the headquarter of Vitec Production Solution is UK based, I speak most day in English which become more and more my first language. During my career I was challenge many times, worked for the bin and have done many mistakes, which I am really glad of making them, but I never lost my love in design, creating things and happiness. 

Only when you ‘WOW’ your audience will you ‘WIN’ them. And, only when you ‘KNOW’ your audience can you ‘WOW’ them. My approach is to add analytics, strategy, planning and creativity to every part of the marketing adventure.


The beginnings

Enthusiastic in creating things and seeing the start of digital media. I came across a 3D tool call Cinema 4D and fell in love with it. To create something become my joy in live in that moment I rendered my first cup. I played around will all kind of media and created my fist website.



Moved to Munich to study digital film and animation at the SAE Institute in Munich and finished my Bachelor Arts in Digital Film Making in 2014 and worked as a lecture at the Institute for Layer-Based Compositing, DVD Authoring and motion graphics.



I work as a Marketing Assistent at Logitech and supported the Marketing Team for a sister brand, 3Dconnexion. I supported the website, created video content and 3D assets.


Vitec Production Solutions

I started as a Marketing Assistent for the Sachtler brand, became the divisional videographer to support 7 brands, followed by the Art-Director for the entire devision. During this time I learned a lot about Digital Marketing, Go2Market Strategies and supported the brands with branding, imagery, video content, collateral, email campaigns, social media and web assets. I Identifyed opportunities for continuous improvement, and created processes and tools to support design operations. Besides that, I developed presentation approaches, styles, and techniques for the team to implement; analysed market trends, consumer needs, and the competitive landscape in terms of design and asset requirements.