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The award-winning flowtech™, a versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod. Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow. I was lucky to be part of this project from it's early beginning and it shaped the way I work till today.

Time Line



Branding, Video, Photo, Website, NPI


Logo & Naming

Finding the Name and the wordmark for this product



First Class imagery for a first class product



Let's show it in action!



Find the right people and content


Lauch Campaign

Let's create a party, but a loud one.


NPI Project

Let's get all the assets together



One of my biggest projects so far. Part of my employment at Vitec Production Solution, this project started back in 2016. The flowtech 75 tripod was then launched August 2017, followed by it’s bigger brother the flowtech 100 one year later. I am really proud of this project, I was part from start till launch and received great trust from my organisation. I was responsible for the post branding, imagery, video, launch campaign, online presentation, livestream and many other parts of this launch.

01. Logo & Name

Defining a Name and the right Logo for this tripod

This project was unique in its kind. Back in 2015 the Sachtler engineering team was challenged to rethink the way how tripods works and to think about a way to improve the workflow and speed with a tripod. Many prototypes has come to live during this time and creative concepts. The the current concept of the tripod let you open all brakes with the release brakes located at the top of the tripod, which allow camera operators to easily deploy and adjust the tripod in an instant. Not only the tripod is unique, also the manufacture process, as the carbon fibre machine and it’s workflow was created in-house in the Vitec Production Solution Headquarter in Bury St Edmunds. I was part of the team from the early beginning and was part in the process of finding a name for the tripod. We worked with different agencies and collected a huge number of names. We had names like NXT (for next Tripod) or Velox-C. At the end the name flowtech won the race and is now an established name in the industry.

The Design agency “Design Motive” in London won the pitch and created the logo, which is mainly a word-mark with the Culturo font. From here I took over the project and created the creative concept and Design Elements for the Project. The biggest Problem we faced from the beginning was, that this tripod should be launch under two tripod Brands (Sachtler and Vinten) with two different CI Colours at the same time. That not only meant to create two different product logos, I also needed to create twice as much product images, two launch vides, and three different launch campaigns. This problem created a lot problems during the launch, but we found a solution for everything. First of all I created a double Logo for the Technology, meaning combining the Sachtler and Vinten Logo to one when we talk about the technology itself. This helped us when we wanted to talk about the technology itself only, and to have an omnipresence of the designated brands, which was quite important at the beginning, after launch, when no one knew the name flowtech.

02. Imagery

First Class imagery for a first class product

The Product Photo-shooting was quite a challenge. This tripod should replace many existing tripods and as Sachtler and Vinten sells not only heads and tripods only, they also sell complete systems. So I had to create different System Images for Sachtler and Vinten, all of that in different combinations, because there where options to buy the tripod with or without a mid-spreader. In addition to the regular imagery, there was a need for Detail Shots, Head only shots, and camera setup images. The Camera setups made this shooting quite tricky, because every tripod head serves a different type of camera and renting the whole portfolio of cameras would become quite expensive, also the camera alone is mostly not enough, you need a lens and accessories. So instead of shooting in a regular studio and renting all the equipment, I decided to shoot this product in a rental (BildTon in Munich). We booked a room a full week and started shooting. I created the full folder structure in advance so I ended the session with fully named image set which I send to a tracing agency. The light setup was quite simple with a 5-strobe setup (X-Setup with strobe above).

If you think this would be complicated enough, then this comes: I received all images from the tracing agency and spend 4 days with final retouching, so I thought the job was done. I got informed that the engineering team changed an important piece of the product, which meant that I needed to replace that piece on all 700+ images, this took me over a week. I got the piece on a single leg, recreated the light setup in my studio and created different angels of the piece which I then replaced

As this product was different to what Sachtler or Vinten ever did, we decided to create a set of KeyVisuals for the product launches. This helped us in telling our story, to transmit the USP’s and to spot out the regular marketing materials. We worked with an agency in Norfolk which helped us in transforming ideas to a real image. Some of those images where created in the studio, some of them where created on a real shoot. I directed the whole shoot and also the editing process of those images.

3. Videos


For the launch of the flowtech 75, we needed a stunning commercial at a stunning location. I decided to go to Iceland, as it created a great contrast and showed the robustness of the tripod.


For the bigger brother the 100mm Tripod, we needed something wich works alongside the Iceland Video, transmits the USP’s and deliver stunning imagery. So we went to Madagascar

Technology Video

As this technology was new to the market we had to convey trust of the product to the customers, as they are not used to work with tripods like this. We had to show the testing, as well the creation process.


The the launch video of the flowtech 75, we needed something which demonstrates the robustness, versatility and speed of the tripod. I decided to go to Iceland, not only because of its stunning landscapes and harsh weather conditions. One main reason was the color contrast. As flowtech is still a black product, it’s best to show it in front of something white and so Iceland was just perfect. The video was shot with a 3-man crew where I was mainly directing and acting in the shots (limit budgets), Simon Spätke was shooting the Commercial, and Garðar Ólafsson was helping us with the right locations and permissions. The video was shot on four days across Iceland. It was a hard but wonderful experience as it’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been.


For the bigger brother of the flowtech 75 we needed something which fits to the first launch video, again it should demonstrate the robustness, versatility and speed of the tripod, creates contrast and also show’s one of the target groups, the wildlife filmmaker. So we got in contact with Thorsten Milse, a Canon ambassador in the wildlife Photography and Videography section. He traveled around the world to capture stunning imagery and he recommended Madagascar with its litte residents, the lemurs. With its harsh weather conditions, the right target group and a perfect contrast to the Iceland video, we found the next location for the flowtech 100 launch video.

Technology Video

The the launch video of the flowtech 75, we needed something which demonstrates the robustness, versatility and speed of the tripod. I decided to go to Iceland, not only because of its stunning landscapes and harsh weather conditions. One main reason was the color contrast. As flowtech is still a black product, it’s best to show it in front of something white and so Iceland was just perfect. The video was shot with a 3-man crew where I was mainly directing and acting in the shots (limit budgets), Simon Spätke was shooting the Commercial, and Garðar Ólafsson was helping us with the right locations and permissions. The video was shot on four days across Iceland. It was a hard but wonderful experience as it’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been.

4. Testimonials

When it comes to all businesses (large and small), the success of the product or service depends heavily on word of mouth. Testimonials are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening the value and reputation of a product. Testimonials strengthen the credibility of you and your business and as you know, people will not do business with you if they don’t trust you and find you to be credible. During the focus groups, we were looking out for the right customers which fit the target groups and personas. We selected ambassadors for both product launches (flowtech75 and flowtech100) and created stories with them. For the 75 launch I was responsible for managing the content, film and edit the final pice. The flowtech100 launch I was mainly responsible for the editing. The special thing about the first launch was that we wanted to show the. testimonials during the teaser campaign, so the interview and video needed to be edited so you don’t see the actual product

Luke Thomas

As a freelance news and documentary cameraman, Luke Thomas finds himself at a new location every week trying to move as fast as possible to meet deadlines and live commitments.

Ben Marlow

Traveling from place to place, UK based wedding videographer Ben Marlow has built his first-rate reputation on delivering one-of-a-kind, cinematic short films for couples around the world.

Filipe DeAndrade

Filming wildlife for National Geographic in one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet was a tall task for director Filipe DeAndrade and his team, but they were excited to face the challenge.

5. Launch Campaign

We got the imagery, testimonials and Launch Videos, so it was time to put the puzzle together for a launch campaign. The plan was to use the Sachtler and Vinten Email database for a Email Teaser Campaign, the teaser campaign used the testimonial content, but in a way that it creates interest but not shows any details of the product. The CTA was a signup to the livestream, and after the livestream people got redirected to a microsite with all informations about the product. The plan was a total success, but was a quite big pice of work to get all up and running.


Separate page, as flowtech works across the tripod brand within the Vitec Production Solution it needed to be external and drive interest to the brand of choice. The Microsite was also the landing for the Email Campaign and host of the livestream.


Multibrand Email Teaser campaign, with livestream signup as a CTA and a separate Microsite as landing. Six emails where scheduled for that campaign, alongside with Social media posts, with the Livestream and new Microsite as goal.

Live Stream

Hosted in the Teradek Office in LA Irvine, we produced a Livestream to launch the product, we invited the head of engineering and ambassadors to tell the story of flowtech. At the end we answered questions from the stream and showed the launch video.

Trade Show

The best place for hands-on and press. We presented flowtech at the IBC (International Broadcast Convention) in Amsterdam. We created a specific area at the Vitec Production Solution booth, invited ambassadors and created a lot of noise around the show.


Fully coded bootstrap Microsite with animated Revolution Slider to lead people to the right product. The first page explains the overall technology and why this technology is spread by two brands. From this page you can reach the flowtech100 or flowtech75 page. On those pages you can read testimonial stories, get links for the actual System pages on the brand websites and get an overview of the available accessories. The page also. has the option to tell you where you can find the next dealer. I tried to create a compact page so the viewer can find the informations he is looking for, but still have a nice and clean page.

Email Campaign

The email teaser campaign stared on the 11th of August with a social media post, which linked to a landing page where contacts could sign up for the livestream and got the chance to win a flowtech
75 tripod. The landing page was located at tripod-revolution.com which then changed after launch to main address. The Landing page during the email campaign was a dynamic site,
which will change its content according to the content of the emails. Each Email needed to be build three times: A Sachtler branded version, a Vinten branded version and one version for all livestream signups which was dual branded, so we had a total of 21 Emails + all confirmation Emails and Livestream reminders. The Automation was created with Oracal Eloqua.


For the actual launch, we decided to present it on a livestream. Not only could. we answer question live on screen, we also could rate our email contacts. Because those who where active during the entire email campaign and watched the stream, were rated as hot leads and got followed up by the inside sales department after the launch. During the livestream we showed different testimonial content, the Iceland launch video and technology video. Also the head of engineering explained the concept and way they went in order to create this tripod. I was responsible for the creation of the stage, the video elements for the stream and to host it over different platforms.


Launch at IBC 2017

The big show in Amsterdam. After 9 month of hard work it was finally the day where we all worked for. I still remember as the the marketing manager, project manager an I where standing in front of the booth and where exhausted but happy then ever before. For the show we created a bunch of assets. We produced T-shirts for the crew at the booth and as give-away. We booked a big cubic screen outside the booth with a 15sec Video, we had belly bands around the trade show magazine, created pins and created phone cover with flowtech branding. The show was a big success. We recored customer voices at the booth and posted them live on social media. We revived three prices for the product: cinema5D, IBC2017 Innovation Award, TVBEurope, Best of Show at IBC2017 and RedShark Awarded the for best camera rig/accessory at IBC2017. It was an overwhelming show.

6. NPI

As Vitec Production Solution is selling mainly through channel partners, we wanted to support them as best to present flowtech in their showrooms. We created a bunch of print assets, adverts, POS material and In-Store branding. 




Brand Specific One-Sheets

Rollup Banner

Brand Specific Rollup Banner


Brand Specific Poster

POS Stand

Brochure Stand and Floormate


Brand Specific Advertisement


The flowtech75 and flowtech100 launches shaped the way how I work today. I remember how overwhelmed and scared I was when we started this project. I had to deal with tight timelines, small budgets and a high expectation. The invest into this project was massiv and we needed to nail it as we had not only a new chapter of product in our hands, we also were responsible for the reputation of two major brands in the market. When I think about that now, then people either really trusted me and my work or where completely crazy. But whatever it was, it was one of the best projects I’ve ever had and a time in my life which I won’t forget. And every time I see someone working with a flowtech or even see it on TV I feel proud and would like to go to those people to say: “Good choice” and may also a “I helped with it”.