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Early 2019 an old bank building in our village got sold and two ladies bought it to create a CoWorking space for the region. As I wanted to support that project, I offered them small startup package. I started to work on a Logo. The name "Tokunfhus" stands for the German word "Zukunfts Hause" which means future house, but the name is written in an old German language (Plattdeutsch) which people still speak in certain places in and around the village.

Time Line



Logo, Branding, Website, Photo


The CoWorking space should also be used as an event space, so I suggested to create two color schemes, but with the same logo and switch an illuminated sign on the outside of the building to the designated color, whether it’s open for the CoWorking people or if there is an Event going on. I also wanted to incorporate the T and H to one sign. The first logos showed tables from above with people sitting at them and creating the Shape of a T and H, the fear was that people don’t recognise that, so I change the approach to show the H as the Chair from the side and adding the T as a table.
In addition to the Logo I created geographic lines, which should visualise our landscape in the area.