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Die Hoftierärztin

In 2018 Maria Merkel asked me if I could help her with some imagery for her business which she wanted to start in early 2019. After reviewing the project I saw a huge demand in a full-service project. She didn't had a logo, website, or any direction she wanted to go; so I took the project and accompanied for the first 12 months. Maria is a Vet, mainly for horses and collected knowledge in Osteopathy and bioresonance for horses and wanted to start a business with that. After I've done a bit of research, I learned quickly that the bioresonance has a negative reputation, so I had to find a way to address the right target group, and communicate with the right tools and assets. We started with the name, and I suggested to go prominent with her name and a tagline, because she is the main product and not the osteopathy and bioresonance. I took a Hand-written font and combined it with a non-serif (Gilroy), just to give it an even more personal touch. The signet is a combination of a horse and the German sign for vets, just to make is really simple to understand what's her business is all about. Next step was creating imagery, so I went to her farm and spend a day in creating a whole set of imagery, which was the basis for the website and all the other assets. The images were taken in October on a Sunny afternoon, which created a special look. Beside of that we created three different testimonial stories, with video and photo. Because only really customers and their experience can tell the perfect story. I took all of that and create a simple Wordpress website with a clear structure. The business is successful and gaining awareness on social media. I really enjoyed this project as Maria trusted me in want I do, and I had full freedom to put her product into a nice frame and to help her to create the right assets to attract the right customers.

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Full Branding, Online Marketing, Video / Photo