Masters Home – Documentary

The Masters Home Documentary was a Project by the SAE Institute Munich. The idea was to create a Team an produce a Documentary about a special restaurant in munich. I’ve choose the Masters Home, a underground italian restaurant  with a special charm. The premises are listed as ancient living room (bedroom, bathroom, library, etc.). Moreover, you have the possibility to folk in a large dining area, which was modeled after Columbian style. The restaurant is complemented by a large round bar. In the video the owner takes us through all the rooms and talks about the guests who had visited him in his 25 years of experience. Who is a guest in Munich, should visit the Masters Home and enjoy a premium White Russian, it’s worth it.

More information about Masters Home can be found at:


Camera: Magdalena Strzelczyk

Light: Ines Tausch

Audio: Anna Isabel Lohnes

Directed by: Alexander Dummer

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