Anton/Bauer – Digital V90 Promotion

For a promotion for the Anton/Bauer Digital V90 to create more awareness in the EMEA region for their V-Mount batteries, I create a full package of assets for the campaign. Starting at the video, which should show a complete new style for the company. It should be cinematic, cool and full of energy.

For the video I thought about the whole topic “batteries” and the batterie is almost the last thing you put on a Rig before balancing the head, and we all know the speedup sequences in movies to get a ramp overview over a long distance within some seconds. In movie language we talk about “ellipsen”. We see a really quick sequence before we put the battery on, and as we put the battery on, the scene stops the ramp and runs in realtime. After that I’ve put some small scenes which shows the key features and then gone throw a 3D Animation.

Beside the video, which was the main asset, I create a landing page and web banners which are still running. The whole campaign was a a lot of work but a great experience with a cool result. After launching the video and the landing page we had about 60% more traffic on the Anton/Bauer website, what is just awesome!

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