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Working with Photomatrix Pro to merge HDR

I was looking for a HDR tool which gives me more options than the Photoshop HDR Pro. I found Photomatrix and figured out that also Calvin Hollywood is working with these tool. I don’t want to give you a tutorial or something like this, because the tool explains itself. I just want to show you what I’ve done with that tool.

Some data:

  • Whole image done in 15min
  • Photos shot by night at about 11pm
  • Shot with a EOS 7D
  • Edited with Lightroom 4

Here are the exposure series and the final image:

Day or Night?

I think it’s a cool image, unfortunately you see the lamp on the right because I shot the image inside, but hey it look like the lamp comes directly out of the clouds ­čÖé I like the the image look like it was shot at day, but if you go closer you will see the stars and also the lights in the building on the left. Should shot that again but outside.