Showreel – 14/15

What a amazing year with so many cool projects and products. Really excited about the next 12 Month....


Sachtler – Speedlevel Clamp

The Sachtler Speedlevel Clamp is the perfect tool for a 100mm Tripod owner. It is the fastest way of leveling a head. I made a small 3D Animation, how to use it. Made with Cinema 4D, Vray and rendered with Rebus....


Anton/Bauer – Digital V90 Promotion

For a promotion for the Anton/Bauer Digital V90 to create more awareness in the EMEA region for their V-Mount batteries, I create a full package of assets for the campaign. Starting at the video, which should show a complete new style for the company. It should be cinematic, cool and full of energy. For the video I thought about the whole topic "batteries" and the batterie is almost the last thing you put on a Rig before balancing the head, and we all know the speedup sequences in movies to get a ramp overview over a long distance within some seconds. In movie language we talk about "ellipsen". We see a really quick sequence before we put the battery on, and as we put the battery on, the scene stops the ramp and runs in realtime. After that I've put some small scenes which shows the key features and then gone throw a 3D Animation. Beside the video, which was the main asset,...


Litepanels BRICK – commercial

For IBC 2015, Litepanels launched the BRICK, which insert generation of the popular Mini-Plus, which you can see on almost every EB-Camera. For this launch there wasn't a final product ready, for shooting, so I was forced to create it in CGI. The whole video was create in Cinema 4D and rendered over Vray with the Rebus Renderfarm. Total production: 3 days...


Anton/Bauer – CINE Battery commercial

For the launch of the CINE series from Anton/Bauer I created a powerful and short commercial within 48hours. The main idea was it to create something with matched the feeling of the previous video for the digital series, which presented the batteries in a dark and strong way. As there wasn't a final product ready for a shooting, I decided to create a 3D Animation. As there wasn't enough time, I made a mix between 3D rendered sequences and motion graphics in a dark plexus environment with a strong music and fast camera movements. The motion graphics where created in After effects and the 3D Renderings with Cinema 4D in combination with Vray. I've rendered the individual sequences with the Rebus Renderfarm....


Sachtler Ace 3D Animations

For the new Sachtler Ace Accessories I created a bunch of 3D Animations.  ...

Apus Living

Apus Living

I've worked for the company Apus-Living, which creates high class furniture of very old and valuable wood from Japan. Together with Magdalena Strzelczyk we shoot the textures, created Designs, modeled it in Cinema 4D and rendered it out with Vray. We named the collection: FOUNTAIN. For more informations about Apus-Living, visit: or download the Catalogue Here are some of the Renderings:   Design 05 Design 04 Design 03 Design 02 Design 01...


Floor Plan

For my Portfolio, I created 2010 a floor plan view. The funny thing about these image is, that I uploaded it onto DeviantArt and forgot to check the copyright. Within weeks, some companies used my image for their webpage. Also the image was downloaded meanwhile over 100 times.  Here my favorite use for the image:   ...


75 HD – 3D Rendering

For the IBC 2012, Sachtler wanted to present the 75HD Tripod. Unfortunately there were no prototype for photography, but the agency needed a image for the product catalogue. Therefore I visualized the tripod in 3D within one day. The challenge was to create a image that looked liked the Photography's. I think I've done my shop well, because nobody noticed it....


Interieur Testrendering

For a new architecture customer, I tried out the maxwell Renderer and tested it on a new skyscraper in Freiburg. This is the result. ...



For a Couch manufacture I created some Key visuals for one of the products. I used the maxwell Renderer to have the maximum of photorealism, as well to have the option of the multilight feature for relighting the szene after rendering. ...


Rieselfeldallee – Floorplan

For the agency "Paradocks Omnimedia" I visualized two apartments for the Company Unmüssig. ...


MiniMetro Booth concept

Together with “Mission Control” a Marketing Agency based in munich, I helped visualize some booth concepts for the company Leitner (Minimetro). ...


Marcotec Booth

For the Photokina 2012, I visualized the booth for marcotec. ...


3Dconnexion HMI – Live Booth Printing

2013 HMI - Together with 3Dconnexion I presented the 3D Mouses at the Hannover Fair 2013. At the second day, I built the booth in 3D and sended it over to a MakerBot (3D printer). On the one hand to present the rapidity of the 3D printer and 3D mouse. I also wanted to show that you don't need CAD files to print 3D. The booth was printed directly from Cinema 4D and takes about 4 hours to print. Unfortunately the 3D printer walked out of the material.  ...


Leitwind Booth concepts

Together with “Mission Control” a Marketing Agency based in munich, I helped visualize some booth concepts for the company Leitwind. ...


SPL Powerlines Booth

Together with "Mission Control" a Marketing Agency based in munich, I helped visualize a booth concept for the company SPL Powerlines. ...


Transtechnik Booth

Together with "Mission Control" a Marketing Agency based in munich, I helped visualize a booth concept for the company Transtechnik. ...


Audio Intérieur Design

For a new Audi plant in Ingolstadt, a new lobby should be designed. ...


Bombardier Booth

For a Trade Fair, I visualized some booth concepts in corporation with "Mission Control" for Bombardier. Here are some of the Renderings Here a quick and dirty 3D Walk throw. ...


Inova Multimedia Booth

Together with "Mission Control", a munich based marketing agency, I created a booth concept for the company "Inova Multimedia", which develop screen for public transporting Systems. ...


The Walking Bread

During a competition for gloomy Christmas, I took the theme of "The Walking Dead" and called it in to "The Walking Bread"...


3Dconnexion – Space Mouse Pro

3Dconnexion is a subsidiary of Logitech and develop 3D Navigation devices for CAD and 3D Software. 2011 3Dconnexion launch the SpaceMouse Pro, a mid class version. I produced the Videoclip for this product. Data comes out of a CAD Software. Animated and textured in Cinema 4D, Postproduction in After Effects. More Information about 3D Navigation and the 3D Mouse:


Noctum – Teaser

This Teaser was created for the Micz Lifestyle Company. It shows a with black diamond-studded watch of company Noctum. ...


DPM Media Intro

Daniel Ponath asked me for a Intro for his lates movie "Crossroads".  ...

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