Showreel – 14/15

What a amazing year with so many cool projects and products. Really excited about the next 12 Month....


Blackmagic – Vitec Videocom – Shooting

For Vitec Videocom campaign, Tobias Keuthen (Sachtler) and me, shoot a Pro-Video Ad at the Allianz Arena. We build a Setup of Vitec Videocom Products, together with the Black Magic Cinema Camera. We used a Sachtler Ace M Head with the 75HD CF Tripod, a OConnor Baseplate + Rods, a Litepanels Micro Pro, and the Anton Bauer BMCC Support. You can see the Advert at the last Page of the new Sachtler Catalogue.   ...


SAE Munich Stuff Shooting

For the SAE munich Website required new images of their key Stuff. I used the time before an open day and shoot the Stuff. For more Information about the SAE please visit:


Product Testvideo – Slow Horse

For a product testing, I filmed on a RED Scarlet in 120fps. The challenge was it to keep the horses into the Frame, because the RED Scarlet crop the image into 1K HD. I used a OConnor 1030 Head together with the 60L Tripod for having a smooth movement. The second challange was to stay in focus. These Hores are able to run faster than 30 mph. Thanks to Maike Krause for providing the horses: Duena and Gibsy. Here a image I shoot at these day. ...


Audio Energizer

The Audio Energizer are a project of students from the SAE Institute munich. Their idea was it to create a YouTube Channel with funny and informative Informations around the Audio Stuff. I helped out with Filming and supported the Team with a Studio an helped the team with edit the final video. Also I created all the Photography around the Audio Energizer. Here a some of the images: More Informations about the AudioEnergizer visit:  ...


Sony F55 / F5 Shooting

2013 a revolutionary camera was launched by Sony, the F55 and the F5. Sachtler and me meet's together with ARRI, OConnor, Vocas, etc. to shoot different Setups with the new camera. The shooting takes two days. Sachtler and the F55 / F5 Here are some of the images: ...


Sachtler Product Images

Together with Sachtler, I updated a bunch of Product images for the Sachtler Catalogue. Here are some of the images:   ...


Vision Blue 5

Vinten launched 2012 the Vision Blue 5. A mid range Tripod System. I visit the Vinten Team in Bury an shot a Video about the Vision Blue 5, together with Peter Harman. Unfortunately, we got bad a location for the shoot, so it was nearly impossible to create a clean 3-Point light. In addition I shoot some Product images while the video Shoot:   More Information about Vinten and the Vision Blue 5, visit:


Halloween Shooting (no mature content)

Halloween 2012, time for a Halloween Party Shooting. Be aware this ist no mature content. ...


V. Krafft – Fun Shooting

A awesome makeup Artist come to me and asked if we want to make photos. Let's do it. These are the results. More informations about Victoria Krafft:  ...


Christmas Timelapse

What does a cameraman and photographer on a warm Christmas Eve? Exactly! He makes a Timelapse. I used the warm Christmas evening for a little test video for new equipment. This is the result. Here are some stills from this shooting: ...



The Sneaker Calendar 2013 was a project by Maggie Herker, a jung photographer and fashion designer. Together with her, I was helping by the April image. We shoot this in the Sachtler Academy, lighting by me. The Sneakers calendar 2014 is in the planning. For more informations about the calendar and Maggie Herker visit:    ...


Charlotte Hartig – Fashion

Charlotte Hartig is a newcomer fashiondDesigner. She asked me if I could do, together with Tobias Pfeifer (a awesome Photographer), some Photos for a new collection. Let's go into my Studio. Here are some images from the shooting: If you want to have more informations about Charlotte Hartig an her Designs, visit Charlotte Hartig  ...



That was a Testimage trying to get an image which look like a puppy. The image should be a protest against all the photo manipulation.    ...

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